Dog Parents

These beautiful dogs do not all live with me.  Most are in carefully selected guardian homes with loving families, and are not "kennel dogs".  They come to my home to be bred to our stud boy; then return here when it is time to have their puppies.  They have their babies in our bedroom. The puppies that are born live here, in a family environment, until it is time to join their permanent family. 

Golden Heart

Teddy is a toy

poodle, 8 lb. He is our stud boy. registered AKC.

Keepsake's Lexus of Golden Heart

"Lexie" is an 18 lb. Mini Australian shepherd. She makes Mini aussiedoodles.

Golden Heart Diane Von Fur-stenberg

"Princess" is from champion lines, and weighs 20 lb.  She makes F1 cavapoos. AKC.

Golden Heart Prada

"Prada" is a ruby cavalier with classic features.  She makes beautiful F1 cavapoos. AKC.

Golden Heart
Daisy Fuentes

Daisy is an adorable Cavapoo who makes beautiful F1b Cavapoos.

Golden Heart
Lela Rose

"Rosie" is an adorable cavapoo, who makes F1b  cavapoos.


"Trixie is a beautiful ruby cavalier and is on loan to us. She makes beautiful  F1 cavapoos. AKC.

Golden Heart
Coco Chanel

"Coco" is a beautiful ruby Cavalier. she makes F1 cavapoos. AKC

Golden Heart
Aime Kestenberg

Born on Valentine's Day, this blue merle cavapoo makes gorgeous F1b cavapoos.

Golden Heart Ginger Spice

This beautiful ruby Cavalier girl is only 12 lb. She will make  "pocket sized"  cavapoos. AKC. 

Golden Heart Ginger Spice

Ginger is a beautiful ruby Cavalier girl who is only 12 lb. She makes  "pocket sized"  cavapoos. AKC. 

Gia the cavachon &
Hadlee the cavapoo

are ready to join our program. They will make F1b cavapoos and cavapoochons, Hadlee is related to Rosie.

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