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Our Mamas and Papas

These beautiful dogs do not all live with our family. Only Henry does because my daughter just couldn't let him go. Our dogs are in carefully selected guardian homes with loving families and are not "kennel dogs".  On the contrary, they are spoiled as can be by their guardian families. They come to my home to be bred to either one of our stud boys in the program and return here when it is time to have their puppies.  They have their babies in our Master bedroom more times than not so we can always be nearby especially since more times than not our mamas give birth in the middle of the night. Would prefer they wouldn't, but if history dictates it is unfortunately the case. Of course, their puppies live in a family environment until it is time to join their forever families. 

Screenshot 2022-02-13 at 11.10.29 AM.jpg
Golden Heart
Teddy Boy

Teddy is a toy

poodle, 7-8 lb. He is our #1 stud boy. AKC registered.

Claire's Legacy Maggie Girl

"Maggie" is a beautiful 10-11lb ruby cavalier. She makes beautiful F1 cavapoos

AKC registered. 


Claire's Legacy Harley Girl

"Harley" is a super tiny 11 lb blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel who lives in San Ramon.

Claire's Legacy
Ruby Girl

Sturdy 18lb sweet cavapoo with the ever so popular and premium white markings. Ruby makes gorgeous F1b cavapoos.

Claire's Legacy
Pepper Girl
Pepper is a 8-9lb light apricot cavapoo, who makes tiny F1b  cavapoos.

Popular red with white markings cavapoo named Naga making her debut to mamahood in 2023. She weighs 16 lbs and lives in Carmichael. 
Blue merle female cavapoo named after ice cream, Kulfi weighs 16 lbs and lives in Dublin.
Daisy best-001.JPG
CarlyXTeddy dark apricot cavapoo baby named Hazel lives in Los Altos. Will add pic soon...
Claire's Legacy 
Henry Boy

Henry is my daughter's spoiled 13lb miniature poodle. He is Stud# 2 in our program and typically honeymoons with our sturdier girls. Haha :)

Claire's Legacy 
Truffle Boy

Truffles as he is fondly called by his Los Altos family weighs 12 lbs and is stud #3 in our program.

Claire's Legacy
Zoe Girl

"Zoe" is a tiny 14 lb tri-color cavalier king charles spaniel who lives in Dublin.

Claire's Legacy Piper Girl

Piper is a beautiful 13-14lb light apricot cavapoo. She makes beautiful F1b cavapoos

Claire's Legacy
Carly Girl

Carly is an adorable 10-11lb cavalier king charles spaniel, who makes the sweetest and prettiest F1 babies. AKC registered. RETIRED 2023

Blenheim cavapoo named Momo making her debut to mamahood in 2022. She weighs 15 lbs and lives in Carmichael. 
TrixieXHenry dark red baby named Rosie lives in Folsom. Making her mama debut in 2023. 
MaggieXTeddy dark red cavapoo baby named Suki joins our program. She weighs 16lbs and lives in Saratoga. 
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